What makes a desk sustainable and environmentally friendly?

More and more organisations are recognising the need to prioritise sustainability when it comes to their office interiors – and the furniture they use is a major consideration. High-quality desking is a crucial component of any office environment, but many businesses struggle to find desks which are truly environmentally friendly. Whether you’re buying brand new or refurbished, our guide explains what to look for when searching for sustainable desks for your office.

Materials of sustainable desks

One of the key aspects that determines whether a desk is sustainable is the materials involved in its production. Different materials contain varying amounts of embodied carbon – which is the amount of carbon used in their extraction, transportation and manufacture. The less embodied carbon in the materials of a desk, the more environmentally friendly it is.

Another marker of sustainability for the materials used in desks is whether they can be reused and repurposed. The refurbishment process plays a huge role in desk sustainability and can prolong the lifespan of furniture. Some materials, fabrics and foams are unable to be reused in the refurbishment process and become waste. A combination of low embodied carbon and reusable materials (such as the FSC standard materials Office Resale uses in our desk refurbishment) make for a sustainable desk that is perfect for any office environment.

Design considerations and lifespan

The design of a desk is what determines the materials and production involved in its manufacture. A poor design can result in non-renewable materials being used, as well as a lack of modularity and futureproofing that prevents future refurbishment.

A truly sustainable desk is designed for modularity and circularity; these desks are manufactured using renewable and safe materials and designed to have parts easily repaired or replaced in the refurbishment process. Desks designed in this way become part of the circular economy. Ultimately, a sustainably designed desk will function well in an office environment to serve for years, and will be suitable for refurbishment once a business has exhausted its use for it.

An intelligent design and sustainable materials are both crucial for maximising the lifespan of an office desk. The longer the lifespan of all office furniture, the less demand there is for new furniture to be manufactured.

Sustainable office desks from Office Resale

At Office Resale, we specialise in helping businesses boost their overall sustainability efforts through environmentally friendly furniture.

We stock desks from world leading, designer brands such as Herman Miller, Humanscale and Steelcase. We can offer customisation of office furniture to help you achieve the right look and feel for your office.

Whether it’s refurbishing your current furniture in our award-winning facilities, or buying from a trusted refurbished furniture retailer, embracing sustainable office furniture can make a tangible difference and demonstrate your business’ sustainability credentials to staff, customers and other stakeholders.

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