Why buy sustainable office furniture for businesses?

What is sustainable office furniture?

Sustainable office furniture is simply that which is managed with environmental, social and financial impacts considered at every stage. From buying, to using and maintaining, to what’s done with it when it’s no longer needed – many factors must be considered. Sustainable office furniture can be a game-changer for businesses when it comes to meeting their environmental targets, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and, of course, reducing expenditure.

What are the benefits of refurbished office furniture?

  • Meet environmental targets
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability
  • Reduce expenditure


45% of our global emissions come from the embodied carbon in the products we use every day

 1. Achieving net-zero

An important consideration for sustainable office furniture is how it impacts your organisation’s carbon footprint. This makes decarbonising the products your business buys and uses crucial to meeting net-zero targets – something which is often overlooked.


2. Choosing refurbished

The easiest way to buy low carbon office furniture is to embrace refurbished furniture. Buying furniture that has been used before enables your organisation to significantly reduce its share of the embodied carbon, by helping reduce the manufacture of new products.


3. Showing commitment

As well as keeping your business’ carbon footprint low, buying refurbished furniture helps to tangibly demonstrate a commitment to putting sustainability into action – both internally and to prospective customers.