Why would you buy new? The benefits of buying used office furniture.

Let’s be honest. It used to be that buying used office furniture had a bit of a stigma about it. But now? Buying used is a growing trend adopted by everyone from sole proprietors to multinationals as they recognise that quality used office furniture offers a range of benefits. We explore these benefits that this canny purchasing decision can bring.

Save money

First and foremost, buying used saves you money. Used office furniture is available at a fraction of the cost of new. And with the use of both modern and traditional refurbishment methods to ensure your product is as good as new, there’s no need to sacrifice quality.


Make the most of your budget

Buying used office furniture makes your budget go further. Didn’t think you could afford that Humanscale task chair, that Herman Miller desk, or that Boss Design armchair? Think again. Used office furniture makes established brands affordable to those on a budget.


Shorter lead times

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. Sometimes you can’t afford to wait. Used office furniture can be available much faster than new furniture which often has lengthy lead times for delivery.


The choice is yours

Looking for a flamingo pink chair when this season’s nearest colour is cerise? Not a problem. When it comes to reuse, the choice is yours. Office chairs, soft seating, desk partitions and notice boards can all be reupholstered. Canteen chairs can be resprayed. Desk, table and work tops can be replaced. All in the colour and style of your choice.


Reduced environmental impact

With an ever growing awareness of environmental issues, many of us want to reduce our impact on the world around us. Buying used office furniture, rather than new, reduces waste as well as your carbon and water footprint.


With so many benefits to buying used, and what with warranties similar to those of new furniture, it makes you wonder why anyone buys new these days! Take a look at the wide range of quality used office furniture we have in stock or contact us to discuss your requirements.