Nomura Staff Area

As part of Nomura’s Climate and Sustainability Action Plan, the Organisation has partnered with Crown Workspace to provide services that will ultimately reduce our environmental impact.

Crown Workspace offers a furniture service where used furniture is repaired and reupholstered, thus extending the life of the product and diverting waste from landfill. This service will lead to fewer purchases and less time spent procuring suppliers, generating savings across the board. Conveniently located in Singapore and using only electric vehicles, Crown offers only products currently in stock, ensuring quick turnaround times and minimal transportation impact. In addition to their green credentials, all products come with a one-year warranty. They are also one of the few preferred suppliers for refurbished Herman Miller products.

To find suitable items, please search the site and add them to your basket to generate a quote. When raising a Purchase Order (PO), please ensure the quote is attached with the requisition. The quote will detail the prices and potential delivery timescale, and all delivery costs are included.

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